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Dolls not only for children

Welcome to my gallery,


 The website "Mysterious dolls" was created with the desire to share with my passion and interest with the topic of art doll.However,the interest was not over. After the first impressions of the puppet theater, which took place in the school's design studio, I decided to create my own line of handmade Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs).


 Art dolls are a specific type of art that combines a variety of fields - painting, stage design, sculpture, photography. The doll can be more than just a toy for children, it hides many secrets, different characters, emotions and symbols. Nowadays, the adults are interested with dolls also.The toy-doll takes a new form. It is a history does not end with the fact that the princess in a beautiful dress met the prince, it is a longer story which creates with me every recipient of my works.


I invite you to see my gallery-Alina Warwas